Friday, April 18, 2014

House Update and a HUGE sale!

Hi everyone!  The past few weeks have been unusually busy.  We are moved into our new house but nowhere near being settled in yet, though I'm having fun trying to do just that.

  The first things we did were try to move the transferware over  and get the garage set up to house it all.  This picture shows the beginnings of getting our shelving units set up. There will be 3-4 double rows, 4 shelves deep.  Beyond the door, in the back right corner, in the photo below is the fourth garage which is set up perfectly for our packing and receiving station. It has built in cabinetry and storage that runs the length of the garage.  The space is heated which will be nice during the Winters.   

The 4th garage, shown below, has a workbench area built in with four or five French doors that open to a covered patio and the back yard.

Yep, the glass is dirty and needs some cleaning.  Two of my nephews and my Mother in law came over a couple of weeks ago and washed a lot of the windows for us.  It was a huge help, so thank you Judy, Nate and Jimmy Austin!  There are a LOT of windows in this house.  

Now the garage is beginning to look like 'Transerware-ville' again.  I am anxious to give you all a tour of it and the rooms as they progress and once we get it a little better organized.

For now though, I wanted to let all of my blog readers know about my largest sale ever.  It took the internet provider over 3 weeks to hook up our internet service so I have been trying to use my phone to check emails and such, but it's been a little difficult and this is the first chance I've been able to post anything to my blog since moving. 

With all of the expenses of moving, Shawn and I decided to have our biggest sale ever and are offering 50% of all the jewelry and 25% off of everything else, including transferware.   You can use the code JEWELRY to take 50% off of that category and the code TRANSFERWARE to take 25% off everything else.   Shawn sent out a notice to my email subscribers day before yesterday and we had a record day in sales.  Thank you so, so much.  I cannot say how very, very grateful I am to my customers.  

I hope you all have a blessed and Happy Easter~

Now, hop along with this bunny…

 over to…

….because the sale ends Sunday at midnight CST.

Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer;
Death is strong, but Life is stronger;
Stronger than the dark, the light;
Stronger than the wrong, the right

~Phillips Brooks, "An Easter Carol"

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Our New House

I am pretty sure that if you read the post I wrote regarding the condition of the house that my family and I moved into 3 years ago you'll remember it.  It's funny because I used the phrase "warning, graphic images" in my title and still today my google analytics show lots of searches for "nancys daily dish warning".  haha  We worked so, so hard just making the place inhabitable, and as much as we worked and tried to make it work, it never really felt like 'our' home.  In fact, I can say no place has really felt like home to me since we lost our home to foreclosure 10 or so years ago and have been renting and moving every year or two.  There are many things wrong with this house that, as renters, we are not able to fix and our landlord has let the place deteriorate so.   For several months we have been looking for another place to live.  Just when Shawn and I had decided to put off a move because of other major events that happened in our family and with our children, the perfect place came up on a random search I did.  I can't even remember what lead me to do an online search the day I did, because it was mid-week and most houses seem to come up on weekends which is when I did my searches.  I'd looked every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for sometime, starting last Fall, for something that would accommodate both our family and business.  Since we work at home, it was important to find a place that would adequately house my transfer ware collection for sale.  We looked and looked for a place with a three car garage as the two car garage we presently have is literally beyond capacity and much of the business has overflowed into the house.   Nothing came up, at least not in our price range…until recently, suddenly and unexpectedly.

When I read the online description to this particular house and noted its location I was almost certain that it was a home I used to drive by daily on my way home from work, nearly 27 years ago, shortly after Shawn and I were first married.   The house stood out in the neighborhood it was in, and at the time was undergoing a big addition and renovation.  I looked forward to passing by each day, admiring it and watching the progress of the addition. 

 Shawn called, set up an appointment to see it for the next afternoon.  As Shawn, Ashton, Jonah and I approached the house on a very cold and snowy day, I knew it was the same one I'd driven by daily, all those years ago.  We met the owner, a very nice gentleman.  He and his wife are Dr.'s and had lived in the home for the past 6 years with their two teenage children.   As we walked through the house, the spousal ability to communicate telepathically came in quite handy.  We had ESP going on big time.  When the homeowner wasn't looking we'd glance at one another with eyes of approval, Shawn and I having a full blown conversation without uttering a single word.  Silently we were saying things to each other like, "this house is soooooo US", "Oh my gosh, I love the crown molding everywhere".  "Can you believe there are three fireplaces???????, and this English style study with tartan paper and richly paneled walls.  I cannot WAIT to decorate" and "can you believe this garage is not three car, but FOUR…with a full length work bench area?????….it's EXACTLY what we've wanted for a packing and receiving station".   "Nancy, the kitchen is huge.  I can't wait to cook here.  Did you see that there are two ovens?  And the stove has five burners?…and all new appliances?"   We went on and on with our telepathic convo's during our walk through.  I loved the house, Shawn loved the house and Ashton loved the house.   But there was one problem.  I wasn't entirely sure about the location.  The garage side of the house faces a very busy street with lots of foot traffic, it is the largest and most expensive home in the neighborhood, and there is some major construction going on a few blocks away.  I saw a couple of people walk by that looked a little sketchy and it made me feel a little unsure or insecure or both.  That's how I am though. I hate to say it, but sometimes I see the worst first so it takes me time to mull things over, weigh  the pros and the cons and to make a decision.  Part of being OCD.  So we left and talked about the house on the way home, expressing our likes and concerns.  Ashton and Shawn were sold on it and so was I, almost.  Again, I was just a little nervous about the location.  Over the next couple of days we drove by the house at various times of day and night, spoke with some of the neighbors and just observed the area around the house (there is a park up the street that lots of people walk to and pass the house along the way).  The more I looked and talked to others, the more comfortable I became. The other kids went by to see the house with us and they too  fell in love.  Shawn said to me, "no other house is going to compare" and "everything we look at will be a disappointment after seeing this one".  I knew he was right.  So after a couple of days of hesitation, I said YES to making the move. I knew, and felt it was the right choice to make as well.  I just get to that point slower than the rest of my family. =) We called the owner, met again, signed a lease (and may be able to purchase it at some point in the future) and since then have done a lot of painting, packing and moving.

With exception of some cosmetic issues, this house is just about everything, and much more, than we have been hoping for.  Kalyn and I were talking a few nights ago, and she said to me, "Mom, this house feels like 'our house'.  It feels like  home already and we haven't even moved in yet".  

I have LOTS of pictures to show and share so stay tuned.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shawn's Irish Cream & St.Patrick's Day Tablescape

It's almost Saint Patrick's Day again!  Do you celebrate or do anything special?   We usually make some sort of Irish dish, either a stew or Colcannan as a side dish and always, always, always have homemade Irish cream.   We serve the Irish Cream over coffee flavored ice cream and crumble heath bars on top.  It's my favorite way to have Irish Cream.  I've made truffles with it as well and of course it's great in coffee too.  I've shared some tablescape pics from the past since we are in the midst of packing up and painting a new house.  

May you live as long as you want, And never want as long as you live. 
~Irish Blessing~

Centerpiece - floral swags of lilac and hydrangea on either side with a lattice planter full of roses in the center
Plates- Green Transferware at my shop HERE
Chargers- Spode Byron 
Flatware - Barenthal Marbre Vert
Linens- Irish Lace napkins used in place of placemats, placed at an angle so that they hang over the table
Napkin Rings- I fashioned these from pony tail holders and hair clips purchased at Walmart 
Sherbet Glasses- Forest Green Boopie (look on Etsy, Ebay or antiques stores)
Irish Coffee Glasses- Eamon's of Ireland (I found mine on Ebay)
Cut Glass Goblets - Tuesday Morning
Shawn's Homemade Irish Cream recipe HERE
Colcannon (Irish Potatoes) recipe HERE
Irish Cream Truffles recipe:  HERE

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dining Room Updates ~ Brown Transferware Display

   For the past few weeks I have been in one of my 'decorating' moods, as Shawn calls them, where I am full of ideas and wanting to start, and finish, lots of projects and do some rearranging and redecorating.  I lay in bed at night thinking about what I'm going to rearrange or change the next day.  

While working on The Cosmopolitan project, our dining room played host to packing materials, lots of stacked boxes, and hundreds of dishes and it really became a mess.  I had pushed back some of my brown transferware collection and used the bookcase for miscellaneous pieces and it just got looking messy and unorganized so I decided to move things around a bit. 

 The boys brought in a different dining table which I will show later.  It's an Old World looking trestle table.  I love it!   I added pads to and reupholstered my old dining chairs which is something I have put off for years.   

  I took all the transferware down from the case, washed it and then removed some of the shelves to allow bigger spaces to show some of my really large brown transferware platters.  

When arranging a display I like to layer things.  I put big pieces in first at the back and then fill in with smaller pieces and hollow wares at the front.  I love to display flatware in pitchers and it makes it easy to see and select for various table settings.

The pieces on the left are some of my favorites.  They are knife rests.  Transferware knife rests are usually hard to find.

  I love to illuminate my collections with small candle lamps.  One of my next projects will be to drill holes in the back of the case to run the lamp cords through so they do not show. 

 Dried roses add a soft touch to my gigantic teapot (it holds a gallon!)

After I had rearranged the bookcase and put it back together I hung some botanical prints on either side of the oval mirrors.

An antique champagne basket from France is displayed on top of the bookcase in front of the rabbit print along with some wicker hampers, baskets and silk flowers.  

I also hung a vintage painted tole tray over the cow painting on the left.  I like the subtle addition of florals in the room.

I feel like I am just getting this room the way I want it…well at least the way I want it for being a rental house.  If I owned it, I'd want to change lots of things including the wall color and floors.  My Mother in law and I once talked about how it takes at least a couple (or more) years to get a house arranged the way you really want.  For me, the past 10 years we have moved so many times that I've never really gotten things 'just so' in any place we have lived. 

 Some things just never change.  Would you believe that I started this post on Wednesday and by Friday night I was decorating another room?  Another room at another house that is.  Another house we just leased on Thursday.  I guess I spruced this room up for nothing!  Oh well…

Lots more to come~ I can't wait to tell you about and show you the new house!!!

p/s Everything in my shop is 15% off through the 15th.  Use the code WINDSOFMARCH at checkout.  You can sign up on my FB page or website to receive notice of specials and sales.

 p/p/s I asked Trevor to read my post before publishing and his only remark was, "Wait, you mean that is green back there?" referring to the bookcase back.  Typical guy, huh?